Consistency is the #1 Skill

Because Nothing Will Work If You’re Not Consistent

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Here’s How I Help You Earn
At Least $1,000 a Month

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Master the Inner Game of Network Marketing Success

Discover the missing link between
wanting success and achieving it.

95% of success is mental and the WAY you think
determines your consistency, habits, actions
and ultimately… your results.

I help you create a solid foundation
that’ll help you overcome rejection,
take action and close more prospects.


Get The Skills You Need

You’ll Become Consistent In Your Business

Know How To Brand Yourself Online
So People Come To You

Use the CLAM Formula to Meet
Unlimited New Prospects Online

Communicate Effectively with New Prospects

Use the Foolproof Followup
and Get More People to Sign Up

How to Train a New Rep So
They Take Action and Duplicate


Stay Consistent and Get Results With Accountability

Don’t beat yourself down if
you’re not Consistent.

You’re human and there are days
where you’re just “out of it” and
don’t feel like taking action…

and that’s why I’ve created a community
where I push you and help you
take action and hold you accountable.

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Who is MLM Nation for?

New Network Marketers

Love us because we help them
avoid common mistakes and get
them started right

Part-Time Builders

Love us because I provide the latest
network marketing training on
what’s working right now

Full-Time Leaders

Love us because we build belief,
get people to take action
and create duplication

What Leaders Says About Simon Chan

Simon Chan is outrageously creative.  He’s fun.  He’s motivational.

We’ve been friends for years.

Simon is current. He’s youthful.

He uses and teaches technology and rock solid business strategies and techniques.

I would listen to what Simon says.

I’m a fan. His podcast, his trainings and his programs are among the best available today.

Jordan Adler
7 Figure Earner / Author

Simon is just an amazing add to the network marketing profession; with MLM Nation going on with so many episodes, where he’s brought the best of the best and give real strategies on how you really can build your business.

Simon is different in the standpoint he’s so transparent in his mistakes, his woes, his downfalls… all the things that people think about. That’s my type of guy that will actually share that people can move over their hurdles and build the business they deserve.

I love his philosophies on consistency, letting people know you don’t have to perfect in everything to make process. I can tell you something

Nicola Smith-Jackson
7 Figure Earner

Whether he’s speaking on a Zoom or on stage, Simon is authentic.

If I could put it in 4 letters, Simon is “real.”…

Simon gives a very real approach to how he presents.  He keeps it real for you because he’s real.

He also knows how to combine the old world timeless network marketing principles with the new methodologies that is constantly changing.

Charlie and Annie Starky
6 Figure Earners

From stage, Simon is absolutely incredible.

His personalty and his ability to connect with the people in the audience is incredible…

Simon also has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry today.

Aaron Decker
6 Figure Earner

We have flown Simon to Australia so many times over the years.

He is our preferred generic trainer.

He’s amazing and been able to help shift their mindset and learn high level skills

Josie Tong
6 Figure Earner

Simon Chan is an incredible and excellent trainer. I’ve had the fortunate privilege of now knowing Simon for close to two decades and it’s been incredible to watch Simon and really what he’s done with his platform and with his training skillset.

I think the biggest and most priceless perspective that Simon has is the fact that he gets access to all of the top performers, income earners in our profession, all across different companies… so he truly serves as a modern day Napoleon Hill where he gets to collect all the best practices that are most relevant for our profession. Rules, regulations and trends are changing fast and Simon is on top of it.

Simon has that unique vantage point throughout our profession and that makes him an invaluable trainer. I know I rely on his services and his coaching, not only for my one-on-one mentorship with Simon, but again, to be able to utilize him, to be able to speak to my teams and organizations. It’s always great to be able to get a fresh perspective, especially not from within the company or within your own team. I think Simon brings that refreshing perspective and validation to what it is that we’re trying to ultimately accomplish. So I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Daniel Song
7 Figure Earner

I first met Simon Chan when I was interviewed for the amazing MLM Nation podcast.

Simon is a leader who is the model of consistency. I’ve had so much great value for being part of Simon’s Mastermind and I loved being part of many of his live events in Australia.

Simon is making a stand to increase the professionalism of the network marketing industry and inspiring people new to the industry and seasoned leaders with his work.

I highly recommend working with Simon.

Nicole Dennis
6 Figure Earner

One of the things I love about Simon is his huge heart.  He gives over and above. He made himself available for our team.

His content is absolutely quality and he has a huge heart for the direct selling network marketing industry and that shines through in everything that he does.

I can not recommend him highly enough for a training segment for your team.

Celine Egan
Director Sales & Marketing, Juice Plus Australia/NZ

If you have ever considered having somebody coach, teach or train, I have a big soft mushy spot in my heart for Simon. I had him train at our event called Empire in front of over 800 people on our team and he blew the roof off of it. I know I can trust him with our team, his systems, his coaching… the way he’s able to adapt to whatever somebody needs and his attention to detail and care.

If you do events, I’m telling you, he crushed it at our event with over 800 people, hands down,.. he nailed it!… and he really took the time to pivot and give our team exactly what we needed in a second hour long session. And to me, that’s a sign of a great coach, a great leader in somebody that you should have around your people.

He’s made a huge impact on my life. I love MLM nation. I share it constantly.

Jessie Lee Ward
7 Figure Earner

Simon Chan has so much integrity and he’s such an incredible trainer. I would recommend anybody hire him to actually train them, train their teams, to speak in front of their company. To watch him on a Zoom call is absolute magic. To watch him in person is even better.

I’ve been around the profession for a long time and the number of people that is in Simon’s category, I can put on one hand. And if you do anything, you want to jump in the foxhole with this guy. You will thank me for it down the road.

Tom Chenault
Contact Mapping
7 Figure Earner / 30 Year MLM Veteran

I love his heart to serve people.  He’s been so helpful to my team.

He’s personally coached 2 people 1 on 1 and he’s also been a guest on team calls… several of my team are doing his 15 min. daily operation calls… several of them are in his Purpose Driven Networkers group …

and he’s just really really impacted my team in such huge ways… the people that are working with him are in massive growth momentum in my whole entire organization.

He’s been such a blessing to us.

Cyndi Walter​​​​​​
6 Figure Earner

I’ve been a network marketing leader for the past 12 years in this profession and of everyone that I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with in the training space, Simon Chan is one of my absolute favorites.

He’s a man of value and integrity. He’s super funny. He’s incredibly smart. And what I love most about Simon is he really walks his talk.

Simon is a brilliant masterful teacher because he has walked the journey. So he really can relate to every level of distributor in the business, whether they’re starting out and brand new right through to a really senior leader looking to scale even bigger.

I love how practical Simon’s trainings are as well. So it’s not just abstract and personal development. It’s practical, simple tools, that are super easy for people to implement straight away.

I really love working with Simon. Every single time that I’ve had Simon in front of our team, they feel empowered because Simon gets them to believe they’ve got the right tools, they’re in the right industry and they’re in the right place at the right time.

Linda Evenden
6 Figure Earner

Simon has been instrumental in helping me and my teams to create the crucial systems of leverage and duplication and to keep up to date the never ending technological advances to grow our business.

Having role models and mentors is absolutely critical to be successful in this profession and Simon was one of those people for me.

Justin Phillips
6 Figure Earner

What I really like about Simon’s training is he’s very passionate when he talks.

He always gives his best and he doesn’t hold anything back.  He wants you to learn as much as possible.

With his NO BS training system, all his trainings are very applicable.

Raj Soji
6 Figure Earner

I’ve known Simon for quite a few years and I can tell you this guy is just amazing.

He’s an amazing marketer, an amazing trainer, an amazing coach, and he’s someone who really lifts the profession of network marketing.

So if you’re looking to learn from someone, Simon is an excellent resource.

Ray Higdon
Professional Trainer / Coach

My Vision and Mission

I’m Simon Chan and I believe everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing.


Everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing… Including you! You just need someone to help you stay consistent and hold you accountable.

Our mission at MLM Nation is to help 1,000 network marketers earn at least $1,000 a month by next year.

Not only will your life change…

But together we will lift up the profession and people will finally see network marketing as a better alternative than trading their time for money doing jobs such as Uber, freelancing, Ebay selling, etc.

Together we’ll also add more success stories and change the stereotype and negative perception that network marketing often has.

God gave me the purpose to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible and this is our opportunity.

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