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Recruiting and Duplication Secrets

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by Simon ChanJuly 8, 2024

Natalie Robison shares how you can succeed as an introvert in network marketing. She gives tips on recruiting, staying consistent and team building Who is Natalie Robison Natalie Robison was a stay at home mom with 4 kids before she got started with her current company. Her mom was a full time leader and

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Defeat Overwhelm and Get Quicker Results

Build Your Team with the Simple DMO Checklist

Hi, my name is Simon Chan and I'm the host of the MLM Nation podcast, a best selling author and built a 7 figure network marketing business.

I got started in 2003 and I definitely didn't make any money for a long, long time.

MLM Nation podcast host Simon Chan

I struggled like you.

It took years before I was able to hit a full time income and I want you to avoid the mistakes I made.

I’ve wasted thousands of valuable hours working on different strategies that just caused confusion and procrastination.
I’ve lost years of my life trying to create a complicated systems that was supposed to create duplication but instead just caused massive headaches and overwhelm.

And I would just go out and learn and learn and learn…

Only to find myself constantly learning but never take consistent action.

And unfortunately,

I’ve heard thousands of horror stories from people in the direct selling profession who have experienced the same or worse.

That checklist is called THE DMO.

Once I started to work on THE DMO,

I started to become consistent

I became a top recruiter for my company for 5 years straight

And I built a 7 figure business with over 200,000 team members.

Simon Chan Network Marketing DMO Checklist

The DMO Checklist

Defeat Overwhelm and Get Quicker Results

Build Your Team with the Simple DMO Checklist

What Other Network Marketers Are Saying

angela alvoletta

Angela Alvoletta

MLM Nation Podcast and Simon's Daily pep talks have helped me to build consistency in my business and the confidence to overcome my fears. I have a stronger belief in myself and in network marketing.

Lynna Nguyễn

Lynna Nguyen

Thanks to MLM Nation, I have gained a greater understanding of my industry and have realized that network marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can help anyone reach millionaire status with hard work and dedication.

taylor peters

Taylor Peters

MLM Nation has helped me so much by raising my BELIEF in myself and in the profession of networking marketing. The success stories of the podcast guests are so inspiring and give me the feeling of "I can do it too."

Angelo and Kristine Tingcang

Kristine Tingcang and Angelo Tandang

Grateful to Simon Chan’s MLM Nation, our business grew and matured through his emphasis on consistency, which had a really huge impact on our growth in the business as leaders and as individuals. 

Melanie Brown

I'm so glad that I am a part of the MLM Nation Community.  The Podcast is amazing because Simon introduces you to people who have faced hurdles but still obtained success. This demonstrates that there are no barriers to achieving your dreams.

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Defeat Overwhelm and Get Quicker Results

Build Your Team with the Simple DMO Checklist

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