Consistency is the #1 Skill

Because Nothing Will Work If You’re Not Consistent


How Leaders Stay Motivated


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This is especially true for new distributors.


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How Leaders Stay Focused and Motivated


Who is MLM Nation for?

New Network Marketers

Love us because we help them
avoid common mistakes and get
them started right

Part-Time Builders

Love us because we help them
avoid common mistakes and get
them started right

Full-Time Leaders

Love us because we build belief,
increase income producing activities
and increase retention

What People Say About Us

Rene Martinez

Simon, just wanted to let you know how awesome MLM Nation Insider is. My wife, Megan is on fire. She has been following the DMO and has signed up 13 people in the last 2 weeks with $200, $300 and $400 orders. Insider has lit a fire in her. I have never seen before and she is helping me with our team trainings. Thank you!

Vanessa Mollard

I’ve been in my company for 15 months and been struggling to recruit. Had no recruits whatsoever. After I joined MLM Nation Mastermind the 1st of January, my first sign up was on the 2nd of February. And my next sign up was on the 13th of February and I had another immediately after that. I’m really happy. I’m ecstatic. I came to Simon because I was looking for a kick in the butt. And someone who was really in the industry, not in my company but in the industry. I had this vision that had to happen.

Simon kicked my butt, we basically did the CLAM, the most basic things, and I said, “Simon – there must be some other strategy?” He said – “No just do it, you’ll be alright”. And so I did what he told me and got immediate results.

I’m finally consistent and getting results in my business.

I’m a mum of 3 kids and a dog, and way too much to do in my time. I used to never have time to focus on my business because there are so many other things to do. So when Simon said, “You’re actually gonna have to do the DMO and prospect every single day and post your activity”

I went, “Oh S**t!”

But when someone thinks “you’re not gonna do it,” that fires me up especially when you’re in a group and everyone is watching. It got me to “make the time” to be consistent in my business.

And the other thing is, the other Mastermind members inspire me. When I see others doing twice what I’m doing, that fires me up to reach out to 1 more prospect that day just to beat that person. I want to be the one that talks to the most prospects and that has made me find 3 – 5 minutes each day to work on the business that I never thought would be possible. So thank you Simon for holding me accountable. I needed it.

Zoe Hudson

Our Belief & Mission

I’m Simon Chan and I believe everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing.


Everyone can earn a part time income in network marketing… Including you! You just need someone to help you stay consistent and hold you accountable.

Our mission at MLM Nation is to help 1,000 network marketers earn at least $1,000 a month by next year.

Not only will your life change…

But together we will lift up the profession and people will finally see network marketing as a better alternative than trading their time for money doing jobs such as Uber, freelancing, Ebay selling, etc.

Together we’ll also add more success stories and change the stereotype and negative perception that network marketing often has.

God gave me the purpose to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible and this is our opportunity.

Get Your Daily Guide and Discover

How Leaders Stay Focused and Motivated