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Get your Free Daily Newsletter on Latest
Strategies that Work

Get Smarter About Network Marketing

Learn from Top Leaders

Get your Free Daily Newsletter on Latest Strategies that Work

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MLM Nation Podcast

MLM Nation has been consistently the top ranked network marketing podcast since March 2015 and features in depth interviews with over 700 top leaders

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MLM Nation podcast host Simon Chan

Consistency Pep Talk Simon Chan

Daily Consistency Pep Talk

Quick your daily 5 min motivational to get you going every morning

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What Network Marketers Are Saying...

angela alvoletta

Angela Alvoletta

MLM Nation Podcast and Simon's Daily pep talks have helped me to build consistency in my business and the confidence to overcome my fears. I have a stronger belief in myself and in network marketing.

Lynna Nguyễn

Lynna Nguyen

Thanks to MLM Nation, I have gained a greater understanding of my industry and have realized that network marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can help anyone reach millionaire status with hard work and dedication.

One thing that has been particularly helpful and motivating to me is Simon's daily live stream "pep talk"

taylor peters

Taylor Peters

MLM Nation has helped me so much by raising my BELIEF in myself and in the profession of networking marketing. The success stories of the podcast guests are so inspiring and give me the feeling of "I can do it too."

Dovi Senyo

Dovi Senyo

I first met Simon Chan in 2015 and he has become my all time CONSISTENCY coach. He would challenge you not to work on your business but in a fun and lovely manner. My team and I have had so much greater value for being part of Simon’s Mastermind trainings online since we find ourselves far away in Africa.

Angelo and Kristine Tingcang

Kristine Tingcang and Angelo Tandang

Grateful to Simon Chan’s MLM Nation, our business grew and matured through his emphasis on consistency, which had a really huge impact on our growth in the business as leaders and as individuals. It helped us stay focused on our personal production. It also provides the right social media strategy, which gave us unlimited prospects.

Melanie Brown

I'm so glad that I am a part of the MLM Nation Community. One of the great things about it are the Daily Pep talks which inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. The Podcast is amazing because Simon introduces you to people who have faced hurdles but still obtained success. This demonstrates that there are no barriers to achieving your dreams.

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